Dr. R. Mercy Shanthi


Experience : 29 Years 1 Month

Mobile : +91 9751047602, +91 7339012615

Email : mercyshanthi@gmail.com

The CSI College of Engineering located in Ketti Valley, Ooty of Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu, is known for its beauty and serenity. The Institution has a greater mission in equipping and empowering students to contribute to Nations imbibed with character. We have a dedicated team of faculty with high caliber and credentials who shape young the brightest minds, with technical and professional skills to develop the engineers of tomorrow. The academia and industry interactions gives them a greater exposure to deal with current trending problems especially in our country. The students are offered skilled based training to equip themselves for the future. We believe in holistic education that encompasses academics, co-curricular activities, sports education and life-skills learning.