Excellent and facilitative provision of Hostel accommodation is a major support service offered by CSI College of Engineering. Moving away from home to study is an exciting time in life. There are new friends to be made, new places to discover, new chances to be explored. Every effort has been made at the Hostel to provide the best facilities for students who live in the campus. Every student has access to a wide range of activities, facilities, and support.

  • The Institution has separate residences for girls and boys with amenities conducive for pleasant living
  •  The residency ensures ventilation and hygiene as the primary concern.
  •  Gyms for both Boys and Girls with latest fitness equipments within the hostel are available. One can avail this facility either in the morning or in the evening as per his / her convenience.
  •  Both hostels have separate dining mess, where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served for students in a hygienic manner. Non-Veg meals are provided for two days in a week.
  •  Pure drinking water from RO plant is supplied.
  •  Solar water heater for hot water is available.
  •  Spacious rooms, which can accommodate four members, are available.
  •  UPS with 15KVA to overcome the power cut.

Hostel Timing

Hostel gate will be kept open up to 8.30 p.m. only for Boys Student & 6.00 p.m. only for Girls Student. Late entry of the student is not allowed.

8.15 am – 9.00 am

12.50 pm – 1.45 pm

7.15 pm – 8.00 pm

5.00 pm – 5.45 pm

Hostel Committee Members

Chief Warden (Boys & Girls Hostel)

Associate Warden (Boys & Girls Hostel)

Dr. P. D. Arumairaj


CSI College of Engineering
Ketti, The Nilgiris – 643215
Email : principal@csice.edu.in
phone : 0423 – 2517474
website : www.csice.edu.in

Dr. J. Joshua Gnana Sekar

Vice Principal

CSI College of Engineering
Ketti, The Nilgiris – 643215
Email : viceprincipal@csice.edu.in
phone : 98946 47447

Mr. I. Bildass Santhosam
Deputy Warden – Boys Hostel
Ph No : 96779 49918

Mr. Pravin Balu B
Assistant Warden – Boys Hostel
Ph No : 96778 55995

Mr. D. C. Christo Melbin
Assistant Warden – Boys hostel
Ph No : 96266 48617

Mrs Komathi Vanitha
Deputy Warden – Girls Hostel
Ph No : 63804 83276

Ms. M. Safna Thesni
Assistant Warden – Girls Hostel
Ph No: 63796 83011