The Department of Civil Engineering apart from its academic activities, also works as a consulting agency; the services of which can be availed by government and non-government institutions. The consultancy services rendered by the department are charged at nominal government rates.


  1. Public works department (Ooty medical college project)
  2. Water resource department
  3. Creino construction, Tirupur
  4. Foundation and builders, Coonoor, The Nilgiris
  5. Inside and outside architects, Ooty, The Nilgiris
  6. Nailing wall constructions, Ooty
  7. Global builders, Coimbatore

Price List for Testing

Mr. Nawaz Sherief, Assistant professor department of civil engineering take in charge of the services and he had done the calibration of lab equipment as part of the consultancy services of the department


The Material Testing Lab at Department of Civil Engineering, is well equipped for the conduct of Various Tests on Civil Engineering Materials.

Apart from the tests on building materials, fresh concrete and hardened concrete. Mix design for highly strong and workable concrete (for special purposes) are also done under the supervision of faculty members who have expertise in concrete mix design


Hardened Concrete Compressive Strength Test
Tensile Strength Test (Tests are conducted on the already casted cube or cylinder supplied by the client)
Fresh Concrete  Workability Test
Cement Compressive Strength Test
Consistency Test
Setting Time Test
Fineness Test
Soundness Test
Fine Aggregate  Gradation (Sieve Analysis)
Specific Gravity (Pycnometer Test)
Density Test
Coarse Aggregate Impact Strength Test
Crushing Strength Test
Abrasions Test