Event topic : Sweep Bluemountain – Cleaning of Plastics from Kallar to ooty
Date : 07.09.2019
Venue : Katary Junction to Marappalam
Organizer :  NSS Team
Time : 10.30 a.m to 3.30 p.m
Faculty Co-ordinator : Mr. R.Pradab (NSS PO) & Mr.M.Prashanth (Assistant)
No. of Volunteers Participated: 35 Volunteers

Sweep Blue mountain as an initiative of  District Administration, our NSS Unit is joined with District Administration by cleaning of Plastics from Kallar to ooty as suggested from our Honorable District Collector.  The First campaign was conducted on 07.09.2019 at Katary Junction. Mr.Senthil Kumar, Secretary, Burliar Panchayat   had made all the arrangements for the campaign.   35 Volunteers’ were able to clean the plastics from Kallar to marapalam and collected nearly 100 kgs of Plastics which has handed over to Block Development office , Coonoor for recycling.

Date : 24-09-2019
Venue : MNT Old age home, Denalai Near Coonoor
Time : 11.00 a.m to 4.30 p.m
Faculty co-ordinator : Mr. R.Pradab (NSS PO) & Mr.M.Prashanth (Assistant)
No. of Volunteers Participated : 55


NSS day was celebrated by our NSS volunteers by visiting the MNT Old age home, Denalai near Coonoor on 24.09.2019.Volunteers performed cultural events to entertain them. . The volunteers donated one time food and tea snacks which cost Rs.6500.00 (Rupess six thousand five hundered only). 55 Volunteers visited the old age home.

Event topic :  Fit India Freedom Run
Date : 30-09-2021
Venue :  Yellanalli to CSICE Campus
Time : 10.00 a.m to 11.30 a.m
Faculty co-ordinator : Mr. R.Pradab (NSS PO)
No. of Volunteers Participated: 40


Our NSS Unit organized Fit India Freedom Run from Yellanalli to CSICE Campus on 30.09.2021. Participants took Fit India Freedom  Run pledge at Yellanalli  and our Correspondent Mr.Nesa Merlin  flag off the run. 40 Volunteers including students run from yellanalli to CSICE.

Event topic : Clean India Campaign 2.0
Date : 26.10.2021
Venue :  Thoorthoormattam&Thaimalai village
Time : 10.30A.M to 3.00 P.M
Faculty co-ordinator : Mr. R.Pradab (NSS PO)
No. of Volunteers Participated : 40


Date : 21-06-2018
Guest name : Mrs.Sumathi
Yoga Award Winner, Officer,
Karakorai Village , Coonoor
Venue : EEE Conference Hall
Joint Organizer : NCC
Time : 10.00 a.m to 2.30 p.m
Faculty co-ordinator : Mr. R.Pradab (NSS PO) & Mr.L.Nandakumar (Assistant)
No. of Volunteers Participated : 10


The NSS & YRC unit of CSICE celebrated International Yoga day on June 21, 2018 at the college premises. Mrs.Sumathi who is the award winner of Yoga from Prime Minister has given lecture on yoga and also both students and staff members were given some yoga exercises.

 Date : 28-01-2019
Venue :  EEE conference hall, CSICE Ketti
Joint Organizer :  Anna University  & Nehru Yuvakendra ooty
Time : 9.30  a.m to 5.00 p.m
Faculty co-ordinator : Mr. R.Pradab (NSS PO) & Mr.M.Prashanth (Assistant)
No. of Volunteers Participated : 100


As part of National Youth Festival District Youth Parliament was conducted in our college on 28.01.2019 by our NSS team which was organized by Anna University. The various college students including public who are in the age between 18-25 were actively participated and shared their views on various topics like Digital India, Casteism, communalism, Terrorism and National Security, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna etc., Dr.Rathinaswamy, Finance Manager, Anna University Regional Centre and Mr.V.Suresh Kumar, Superintendent, Anna University Regional Centre, Coimbatore were observed the activities and program of DYP. In consultation with Dr.Yuvaraju, NSS Regional Coordinator, Anna University Regional Centre Coimbatore our NSS Team has made all the arrangements for the program. Out of 37 participants 3 were selected to participate in the State Youth Parliament which is to be conducted on 06.02.2019 at Anna University.