Placement and Training Cell

Placement and Training Cell is an integral part of our system. It follows a Student Centric Approach to convene the outlook of the corporate world. Training activities are well thought-out throughout the year in an effort to prepare students for Campus Selection. The prime objective of the Placement Division is to aid our students to get placed in leading national and multinational companies.

The placement records of our students over the years have set standards in the history of placement wing. Every year several new organizations visit our campus for hiring our candidates. Performance of our alumni in various sectors like product based, service based and core was appreciated by our recruiting partners. Cutting edge technology is fed to our students through several events hosted by placement cell. Corporate Relations facilitates mutually-beneficial relationships with companies to achieve our objectives through recruiting our students and up skilling the talent of our employees.

Corporate communication helps us to explain our mission, combine its many visions and values into a cohesive message to our stakeholders. The concept of corporate communication is seen as an integrative communication structure linking stakeholders to the us. This division also collaborates with foremost corporate sectors to assist with internship and training programs for the welfare of the students. With its innovative strategies, the Placement Division always focuses on shaping the future of our students towards prosperity

Placement Coordinator

Dr. Siva Kumar M.E.,

Placement Officer

Assistant Professor – Mechanical Engineering

Preparation Phase

Students in this phase are equipped with soft and technical skills of fundamental importance expected of a graduate in engineering, technology, and management.

Students of I year are trained in Fundamentals of Communicative English for a flair and command over the English language for a professional context. To achieve the same, two courses in English are offered in the I and II Semester. These courses ensure the effective use of the language in everyday professional tasks.

Students of II year are sown with the seeds of superior capabilities that will speak of their personality. This is achieved through outbound trainings. The trainings prepare them to step off their comfort, rise up to the occasion, teach them to have multiple perspectives, the art of spontaneity, assertiveness, flexibility, creativity, and still carry the values that define the core of human existence, like compassion, empathy and gratitude. The beauty of this human engineering training is that they become the go-getters, come what may .

Students of III year, with the spadework in place, go for in-plant trainings in industries to get exposed to engineering and technology in action. They also, either in groups or individually do engineering and technology projects of a lighter quantum called minor projects. Most of these minor projects are extended researches of a previously done research by the senior students.

Students of IV year consider this year a momentous period of study with their involvement in industrial projects, software and hardware. They work in need based projects that are specified by various industries. They gain a substantial amount of engineering knowledge through this opportunity. They also intern with companies that are well versed. CSICE has nurtured association with companies and industries that opens an arena of choices to students for internships. Students who exhibit excellence during internships are recruited into the companies after successful completion of their degree. The exposure and hands-on experience gained at the work floors add value to the students’ profile.

Take off Phase

Students during the course of their III and IV year start making a choice of what next after the college education. To support a good decision making, the college offers a set of well organized avenues ensuring each student a spring board. We call this the take off phase. For those students who want to start their career as a professional in industries, corporates, and companies right after their college education, CSICE offers a competent spread of opportunities through its placement services.

There are two types of placement trainings that fine tunes the students’ technical and people skills to suit the industrial and corporate work. This is a final touch to all the shaping up that has been happening from year I. Adding to this students are trained on aptitude, vocabulary, and other elements to meet the standards.

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