National Social Service

“Not Me, But You” with this moto, the NSS Unit Programme Officer and the volunteers are active participants. They have always been at the forefront in implementing the University Programmes under NSS by conducting various development activities for the benefit of Public at large in association with the government and private agencies. This enables the students to become responsible citizens and good human beings. The NSS unit has conducted/organized many events including:

  • Screening eye camps conducted in many villages for the benefit of the cataract population.
  • Organizing tree plantation campaigns as it is recognized as one of the most engaging, environmentally-friendly activities.
  • Plastic is a parasite that causes the downfall of our environment. From humans to marine life, plastic has penetrated in our lives and is causing severe harm. “Sweep Blue Mountain Programme” is one such program to ‘Say no to plastics’ organized by our NSS unit.
  • Organized International Yoga day celebrations in our campus to promote mental and physical well-being.
  • Organized awareness Programme on Health and Hygiene to stress the importance of good personal hygiene which is the key to having a healthy body and mind.
  • During the pandemic (COVID -19), our NSS unit distributed face masks and soaps to the District Administration & groceries/provisions to our adopted villages.

NSS Coordinator

Prof. Pradap
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Slogan Writing Competitions – Voters On " 28.03.2022 "

As per instruction received from the electionsection  -a slogan writing competitions was conducted  to our volunteers on the theme “ fresh voters”  and  “ My Vote” . the best selected slogans were sent to elections sections to take part in the District Level competitions on 28.03.2022.

Awareness Programme On Effects Of Alcoholism On " 25.03.2022 "

An awareness programme was conducted to our students on the theme “Effects of Alcoholism” in our campus on 25.03.2022. Coonoor Taluk Thashildhar addressed the students on the various effects of alcoholism and to how to safeguard ourselves from entering into that habit. Our Correspondent, Principal, Dean Academics also addressed the students. Revenue Inspector ,Ketti   and Village Administrative Officer , Ketti has made all the arrangements.  Leaf lets were distributed create awareness among the students and staff members.

Rally on World Tuberculosis Day Celebrations – Certificate Distribution On " 24.03.2022 "

Rally was Conducted from Central Bus Stand, Ooty to Medical College , Nilgiris  to create awareness on world TB day and to stop TB on 24.03.2022 . TB sector & Medical College Nilgiris has made all the arrangements for the rally. 9 of students received their certificates ( first , second & t third respectively)  for taking part various competitions( drawing , speech, essay writing) held in our campus in view of world TB day Celebrations.  Dean _ Govt Medical College and Joint Director- TB sector, GH Ooty has given the certificates to the students.

Competitions On National Consumer Day Celebrations On " 04.03.2022 "

In view celebrating National Consumers Day,  various competitions( essay writing , speech & drawing)were conducted to our students to create awareness on world consumer day on 04.03.2022. The best and selected participants will be represented to district level competitions. 9 of our volunteers received participation certificate from our District Collector.

Plastics Cleaning Drive - Ketti To Aravankadu Railway Track On " 24.02.2022 "

Our NSS Volunteers participated in a plastic cleaning drive between Ketti Railway Station and Aravankadu railway station on 24.02.2022. Our Correspondent and our Principal also joined in the campaign to motivate the volunteers.  Main aim of the campaign is to clear all the plastics thrown by tourist which will cause damage to the wild animals. Revenue inspector and Village Administrative Officer, Ketti and Taluk office Coonoor has made all the arrangements.

COVID - Vaccination For Students On " 24.02.2022 "

Our NSS Unit arranged a vaccination drive for the second, third and final years students and also to staff members for the Booster dose 24.02.2022. Students were instructed to utilize the service to complete their first dose and due on second dose respectively. Nurse team from Primary Health centre Ketti supported for the drive.

Career Guidance For Engineering Students On " 25.01.2022 "

Our NSS Unit in association with District Employment  Office, ooty conducted a webinar on “Career guidance for Engineering Students”   on 25.01.2022  by vitual mode .Mr. O S Gnanasekaran ,   Mr. Subramanian,   Mr.Sivakumar&  Mrs. Kasthuri – District Employment Office , Ooty  addressed the students  on functioning of employment, self confidence, self employment and  the ways for get into a government job. 90 first year students were attended the program.

Respect to India’s First Chief of Defence and 13 Others Who Died In Coonoor Helicopter Crash On " 12.12.2022 "

Our NSS unit has organized a specialProgramme to show our respect , salutes and homage to all thepeople including India’s FirstChief ofDefenceGen.Mr.BIPIN RAWAT and 13 others who died in coonoor   helicopter crash .  2 mins silence was observed in our entire campus and all the students and staff light the candle.Our CorrespondentMr.Nesa Merlin, Principal  and Dean – academics and staff members and students shown their deepest condolence  to the died people.

Blood Donation Camp On " 28.10.2022 "

Our NSS unit has organized a blood donation camp in the college premises on 28.10.2022 along with Government Medical College Hospital and Primary Health Centre , Ketti . 31 unit of blood were donated form volunteers. Government Medical College Hospital Doctor & Professor Mrs. Kanimozhoi  and our Principal Dr.JoshuaGnanasekaran addressed the volunteers on importance of Donating blood. Primary Health Centre ICTC advisor Mr.Suresh and NSS Programmne Officer Mr.Pradab has made all the arrangements.

Clean India Campaign 2.0 On " 26.10.2021 "

Inspite of heavy rain Our NSS volunteers participated and created awareness on ban on   single usage plastics and effects of plastics usage during clean India Campaign conducted at THoothoormattam&Thaimalai Villages on 26.10.2022 . Our Volunteers took pledge on single usage plastics along with public. Volunteers distributed leaflet to each houses and shops and also collected the plastics available with them. Even though the wastes are collected   from panchayat we were able to collect 16 Kgs of Plastics and been handed over to plastics recycling unit located near hubbathalai,Coonoor.

Melur Panchayat Union president Mr. Balasubramanian and our Principal Dr.JoshuaGnansekaran  addressed the volunteers  and public on Clean India Campaign. 40 volunteers and 3 faculty members took part in the program.

Fit India Freedom Run On " 30-09-2021 "

Our NSS Unit organized Fit India Freedom Run from Yellanalli to CSICE Campus on 30.09.2021. Participants took Fit India Freedom  Run pledge at Yellanalli  and our Correspondent Mr.Nesa Merlin  flag off the run. 40 Volunteers including students run from yellanalli to CSICE.

NSS Day Celebrations On " 24-09-2021 "

NSS day was celebrated by our NSS volunteers by visiting the Pope Paul Mercy Home,Nanjanad, Ooty on 24.09.2021. 55Volunteers participated along with few faculty members. One time meal (lunch) offered to the inmates and donated fruits, biscuits, bun, bath soap and detergent soap and powder worth of Rs.13000/-. After lunch volunteers performed cultural events to entertain the inmates.  Tree saplings also planted as remembrance and to promote clean and green activity at ooty.

COVID - Vaccination For Students On " 06.09.2021 "

Our NSS Unit arranged a vaccination drive for the second, third and final years students and also to staff members for the Booster dose 06.09.2021. Students were instructed to utilize the service to complete their first dose and due on second dose respectively. Nurse team from Primary Health centreKetti supported for the drive.

Independence Day Celebrations On " 15.08.2021 "

Independence Day was celebrated by our NSS volunteers at CSICE Campus. Our Principal Dr.JoshuaGnanasekaran hoisted the flag. The following volunteers were received BEST Volunteer awards from the unit.

  1. Ramya
  2. Sanjana
  3. Umesh
  4. Saravanan

Then our Principal garlanded the Gandhi statue at Yellanalli and sweets were distributed to public.

National Level Webinar on “BIOREMEDIATION” On " 14.06.2021 "

In view of “Environmental day” celebrations our NSS unit has organized a national level webinar on “BIOREMEDIATION”  on June 14, 2021 thro online zoom from the time between 11 AM to 12 PM. Ms.PooraniGurumallesh , Research scholar , Kumar guru College of Technology  addressed  the students on impact  of  Bioremediation.

Distribution Of Bed Sheets And Pillow Covers to COVID Care Centres – Handed Over To Tahshildhar, Coonoor On " 02.06.2021 "

Our college NSS unit has donated bed sheets and pillow covers worth of Rs.25000/-  to be used in Covid Care centers under the Coonoor Block. The materials been handed over to Mr.Seenivasan, Tahshildhar, Coonoor Taluk. Our College principal Dr.J.JoshuaGnanasekaran handed over the material to the Tahshildhar. NSS Programme Officer Mr.R.Pradab has made all the arrangements including direct purchase of bed sheets and pillow covers from Erode. The same was appreciated by Dr.SamuelChelliah Sir , Regional Director , NSS, Ministry of Youth  affairs and sports and Dr.M.Senthil Kumar , State officer, NSS, Tamilnadu.

Awareness On Ethical Voting & Mock Voting For First Time Voters On " 17.03.2021 "

In association with Ooty Taluk Election section, our NSS Unit organized an awareness Program on Ethical voting and mock voting to our students on 17.03.2021. Mr.Sreenivasan, Election Deputy Thashildhar, Ooty Taluk addressed the students on importance of voting and ethical voting. He also motivated the first time voters for upcoming state elections. Mock voting also done for the students and many of them interestingly voted. A special arrangement has been made by the Taluk office to create awareness through videos.

Career Guidance On " 16.02.2021 "

District Employment Office, Ooty and NSS Unit Jointly organized a career guidance program to all the students and staff members on 16.02.2021. Mrs.Kasthuri – Special Occassional Guiding officer & Mr.Vadivel – District Employement Officer, Ooty addressed the students and staff Members on various government examinations like RRB, SSB, Army selection and TNPSC Group II & IV examinations and books availability to prepare for examinations and conducted a book fair on the same.

Aadhaar Enrolment And Updation Camp On " 14.12.2020 & 15.12.2020 "

The NSS Unit & the postal service, Ketti has arranged Aadhaar enrolment and updation camp for the benefit of public on 14.12.2020 & 15.12.2020. Around 150 members were benefitted by making correction like (change of name & change of address), also many updated their mobile numbers in the Aadhaar Enrolment. The programmed was conducted in EEE Conference Hall, CSI College of Engineering, Ketti.

FLY HIGH – Personality Development Program On " 17.10.2020 "

On the Occasion of World Students Day, our NSS unit organized a national level webinar on the topic “FLY –HIGH” a Personality Development Program on 17.10.2020. Dr.C.Samuel Chelliah, Regional Director NSS, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Regional Directorate of NSS, Chennai, addressed the Participants personality Development and the students were inspired by his enthusiastic speech.

Nation Level Webinar On “New Educational Policy- 2020” On " 10-10-2020 "

In view of imparting knowledge on New Educational Policy – 2020 which is offered by the central Government to make changes in our educational system to public our NSS unit organized a national level webinar on the topic “New Educational Policy – 2020”. Prof.L.Gandhi, Asst Professor (OB/HRM), Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development, Mysore addressed the Participants on what is the new educational policy? , how it is been structured? What are the benefits of the policy and difference between the existing and the new policy and he also request participants to share the information’s to friends & families for wide publicity of New Educational Policy- 2020.

NSS Day Celebrations On " 24.09.2020 "

NSS day was celebrated by our NSS volunteers through online mode to obey the COVID-19 Protocols. NSS Programme Officer Mr.Pradab addressed the Volunteers on NSS Day Celebrations. The volunteers donated one time food and tea snacks expenses Rs.3500.00 (Rupees Three Thousand Five Hundred only) to Pope Paul Mercy Old age home Nanjanadu.


In view of celebrating Independence day, our NSS unit has conducted a competition named “DRESS UP FOR PRIDE “N” PLANT A TREE CLIK A SELFIE – ONLINE COMPETITION”   to our students and also to the public, to create awareness on celebrating independence day and also importance of tree plantation. Many of them responded to the competition and best 3 photographs were selected for prizes.  The following members were received their prizes respectively.


  1. Somasundaram –  Muttinadu Village  – 1st Prize
  2. Kaneeska    –  Kalinaganatti Village – 2nd Prize
  3. Sneka Prem –  Pudhumandhu, Ooty- 3rd Prize