The institution of Green Engineers (IGEN), Connecting green professionals across the globe, working towards SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)  and to provide solutions to a sustainable greener world through 9 color nonagon VIBBGGYOR Society.

In this IGEN Team our CSI College has started to serve the society and save our Mother Earth with our Young Engineers. In this Institution IGEN – ENSAV Club inaugurated on 08.04.2021 by IGEN president Mr. L.Ramesh and Energy Ambassador Mr. Madan Kumar and our College Dignitaries in Online Mode. Over 50 Students participated and taken oath to serve energy and water in future.

IGEN was started in 2020 with in association with EEE department to make our college campus eco friendly environment and spread knowledge about energy conservation in and around the campus. Through the clubs various activities accomplished like tree sapling inside campus Rally, Cycling, Oath, and activities clearing campus. The fees from campus and plastic free zone have the result of these activities.

Through this Club, the following activities were performed.

  1. Saplings planted
  2. Donated LED Bulbs
  3. Created awareness to the nearby villages on energy and water conservation.
  4. Conducted Rally and Marathon races.
  5. Conducted internal energy audits.
  6. Green Day Celebration and Oath by staff and students.


Every staffs from several departments took the oath about the 9 mantras in order to conserve the energy. A resolution was taken to save water, grow plants and to save fuel for the future.


Staff and students from various departments visited the public and donated them free LED bulbs.

Replacing Tungsten with LED bulbs created awareness among the public to save energy.

Creating Awareness nearby Village.

Head of the Department and students Donating LED.

Nine mantras and Replacing LED Awareness.


Different varieties of  Saplings were planted in the college by the staff and students in various locations inside the campus.


The Students created a rally among the public to bring awareness about the energy and water conservation. The active participation of our students helped to aware  the public about conservation of energy.