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The Department of Mechanical Engineering was started in the year 1998. It offers one Under-Graduate programme - B.E- Mechanical Engineering, one Post-Graduate programme - M.E. Manufacturing Engineering. Graduates and postgraduates of Mechanical Engineering are capable of handling challenging jobs in a wide range of industries and engage themselves in research and development. The department has CAD/CAM Laboratory, Mechatronics Laboratory, Dynamics of Machinery Laboratory, Lathe laboratory, Thermal Laboratory, Special Machines Laboratory, Metrology and Measurements Laboratory and Research Laboratories in addition to Electrical Workshop.

In addition to this Product Development Cell is an eye opener to 3D printing. Each laboratory is equipped with instruments and equipments for teaching, learning and research.The members of the faculty are encouraged to acquire higher qualifications at the Post-graduate level and Doctorate level. They are deputed to participate in seminars, symposia, workshops etc., to keep abreast of the vast changes and developments in Science and Technology. Special guest lectures by senior members of the faculty, from well known institutions of higher learning, experts and professionals from established corporate and industrial houses complement and supplement the instruction and training and enrich the knowledge of students in the subjects concerned.

Vision & Mission


To see that the students and staff are equipped and empowered to contribute in Nation building process and development of Society of large. To become a portal of learning, research and entrepreneurial development in engineering Sciences.


To equip the students with technical knowledge, skill and ability to inculcate in them right attitudes and holistic values. To motivate them to think creatively, act independently and take decisions accordingly in all their scientific pursuits and other endeavors as well.

Courses Offered

  • Under-Graduate programme - B.E Mechanical Engineering
  • Post-Graduate programme - M.E. Manufacturing Engineering


S:No Faculty Name Qualification Designation
2 Dr.G.DHANRAJ M.Tech., PhD Associate. Professor
3 Dr.FAIZUR RAHMAN A M.E., PhD Associate. Professor
4 Mr.R. PRADAB M.E., Asst. Professor
5 Mr.R.SENTHIL KUMAR M.E., Asst. Professor
6 Mr.M. PRASHANTH M.E.,(PhD) Asst. Professor
7 Mr.N. SIVA KUMAR M.E.,(PhD) Asst. Professor
8Mr.R.PREMODHA LEONARD M.E., Asst. Professor
9Mr.R.SANTHOSH M.E., Asst. Professor
10Mr.J.K.NARAYANAN M.E., Asst. Professor
11Mr.E. VINOTH M.E., Asst. Professor
12Mr. D. NIJESH M.E., Asst. Professor
13Mr .M. MANOJ M.E., Asst. Professor
14Mr .B.S. MANOJ PRABAKHAR M.E., Asst. Professor
15Mr .V. BOOBESH NATHAN M.E., Asst. Professor
16Mr .HUBERT AROCKIA RAJ.E M.E., Asst. Professor
17Mr. S.RAJESH JAIPAUL M.E., Asst. Professor
18Ms. PREETHI NATARAJAN M.E., Asst. Professor
19Mr. BENJAMIN M.E., Asst. Professor
20Mr. S. Michael Prasad Kumar Lab Assistant
21Mr. M. Johnson Victor Lab Assistant
22Mr. M. Sudhakar Lab Assistant
23Mr. K. Prabhuraj Lab Assistant
24Mr. R. Immanuel Suresh Lab Assistant
25Mr. H. Sevanan Lab Assistant
26Mr. S. Leo Charles Lab Assistant
27Mr. Stalin Rajkumar Lab Assistant