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Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Laboratory

Microprocessor lab is equipped with microprocessor kits and interfacing devices to enhance encoding skills in assembly language. The students gain depth knowledge in programming 8085,8086,8051 microcontrollers and the lab have an area 136 sq.

Telecommunication Laboratory

Telecommunication Laboratory trains the students with Analog & Digital transmission/reception signals. The communication Laboratory is equipped with AM /FM modulation kits, line coding Trainer kits and DSO.

Optical & Microwave Laboratory

Fibre optics has revolutionized the way the world communicates. The lab is one of the highly furnished with a carpet area 94 sq.m and equipment worth Rs. 12,55,976. In optical and microwave lab, students are imparted knowledge with microwave active devices like Klystron, Gunn diodes and passive devices like Directional coupler, Horn antenna, Isolators, Circulators and fibre optic trainer kits.

Networks Laboratory

Floor Area: 66 sq.m

  • This lab has thirty nine i5 -250 (3.30 ghz) Intel core processor with thirty 32-bit and nine 64 bit ALU.
  • Ups backup of 10kva and 5kva with 30 batteries.
  • Major hardware- local area network with lan trainer kit with software and accessories and wlan with dongles.
  • Internet Connection Speed of 100Mbps

VLSI and DSP Laboratory

VLSI and DSP Laboratory are done in the Networks Laboratory was developed in order to expose students’ development of various Hardware Descriptive Language implemented in FPGA kits like Xilinx Spartan 3, Spartan 3E, Vertex FPGA kits and Altera Cyclone II FPGA kits. The lab also bestows knowledge on various DSP processors such as TMS320C67XX series and also DSP simulation tools like MATLAB. Code Composer Studio v3.1. The lab has a carpet area 66 sq.m. with an establishment worth Rs.25,77,985.

Embedded Systems Laboratory

Embedded systems lab provides NVIS 5004B ARM 7 embedded trainer kit (LPC 2148) with software and ZigBee module with USB adapter for wireless communication. Major software of this lab is KEIL vision software and this software is open source.