Arthur Ever Rolling Trophy

CSI College of Engineering organizing Football 5’s Tournament under Flood Lights



Christianity in China in not a piece of cake, and being a Christian in China is a challenge of a lifetime. But during the toughest time for the Christians, Arthur Matthews, a Chinese Inland Missionary from Australia wanted to spread the Good News in China. Through many hardships and ordeal experiences, he never failed to tell people about Christ. He made use of even the impossible situations to turn it possible to spread Gospel.

Due to his righteous actions, he was emotionally tortured, abused and accused by the government. Most of the time, he had to starve along with his family, deprived of the basic needs and roamed the city in tattered clothes, mocked by and laughed at. Before becoming a missionary in China, he served in the British Indian Army during the World War II and was influenced by the leaders of the Punjab Prayer Union and the Prayers of the Praying Hyde.

His experience in the battle field and as he believed that the missionary life is also a battle for which he was born for, he wrote a book entitle “Born for Battle” In honour and memory of Arthur Matthews who believed in “Born for Battle” and as we believe that are athletes are “Born for Battle”, we have organized the Arthur Ever-Rolling Trophy.

CSI College of Engineering wishing you a Happy Wedding Anniversary to our Beloved Bishop Ayya and Bishop Amma