The Nilgiri - Queen of Hills

“The Nilgiris” fondly called as the queen of hills is situated in the tri-junction of Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka which makes it easy to access from all three states. It has a pride of being considered as one of the oldest mountain ranges. People visit “The Nilgiris” round the year from all parts of the world to ease in the beauty of the lavish green grasslands and the tea estates that blankets the majority of the mountain range. Apart from the Heritage sites like the Botanical Garden, the Boat House and the Rose Garden which attract the attention of the tourists, there are other less traveled destinations like numerous view points, trekking landscapes, and breathtaking hideouts where the tourists can relax and indulge in a mesmerizing experience in the pollution-free terrain.  

“The Nilgiris” the very own embodiment of mother nature cradles her child “The Ketti Valley” and has draped her in the most beautiful attire possible. When traveling midway from Coonoor to Ooty, one can witness the transcendent beauty of the Valley.  The beauty of Ketti Valley is a bliss to watch and the valley is proudly called as the “Switzerland of Southern India” due to its calm, serene and tranquil landscape. Another enthralling fact about the valley is its pleasant climatic condition which acts as a panacea for many infirmities. When the tourists get back to their hometown, they take with them souvenirs like the everlasting flower and the pine cone and food items like the ooty varkey, carrots, brazil sprouts, and other vegetables.



THE CSI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (CSICE) is a self-financing institution, founded and established by CSI Coimbatore diocesan Council in the Ketti valley. Ketti valley is the second largest valley in the world.

CSI Coimbatore Diocesan council pioneers in opening school and education institutions for the needy of the society and as days passed, CSI Coimbatore Diocesan council have established prestigious institutions like Hilda’s Junior College and Stanes Schools.

CSI have spread our wings into technical education like CSI Polytechnic in Salem, teacher training institutions in Erode and Salem, which is one of the traditional institutions to offer technical diploma courses.

The vision of our institution is to equip the students with Technical knowledge, skill and ability ;to inculcate in them right attitude with holistic values; to motivate the creativity; to excel in decision making according to the scientific pursuits which they will execute independently in all the endeavours of life and to develop a system of meaningful and productive interaction with industry.

The mission of CSI College of Engineering is to ensure that the students and the faculty are equipped and empowered to contribute to the process of Nation building and development of Society. Our continuous laborious mission is to become a portal of learning, research and entrepreneurial executors in Engineering Sciences.

CSI Coimbatore Diocesan council is committed to run schools and colleges to empower the mild and meek of the society. CSI Engineering college was established to empower the students with technical skill, knowledge by training and enabling them to be successful in their career. Our college is situated in a locality which retains the pollution free and peaceful environment to the student engineers refraining them from the hustle and buzzle of the mechanical world which will provide the best environment to enrich their engineering skill.

CSI College of Engineering wishing you a Happy Wedding Anniversary to our Beloved Bishop Ayya and Bishop Amma