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Welcome to the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering strives to produce top-notch engineers with global competence for industry, research and academia. The major objective of the Department is to foster innovation, design, and creation of eco-sustainable products to meet the growing technological demands.

The ECE department serves over 250 undergraduate students with a team of dedicated faculty members who are committed towards teaching and research in the areas of Signal processing, Electronic Circuit design, Communication Systems, VLSI, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT)and Embedded Systems. They motivate the students to do real time projects and contribute to the society.

The department has fully equipped laboratories with sophisticated equipment’s for conducting laboratory courses, research and consultancy activities.
The department associates with various industries to conduct one credit/value added courses for the students to bridge the gap between industry and academia, thereby enhancing their placement opportunities. The department also conducts holistic living classes to instil the spirit of ethical practices and human values and an attitude to serve the society.


To produce competent Electronics and Communication Engineers with enhanced and innovative technical skills to solve societal problems.


  • To facilitate young engineers to acquire technical expertise with strong fundamental concepts.
  • To provide professional skills with ethical values for a successful a career.
  • To promote all – round development of students through curricular and extra curricular activities to install a sense of social responsibility innovation and entrepreneurship.


  • To prepare graduates with sound foundation in fundamentals of basic sciences and to assist them exhibit strong, independent learning, analytical & problem solving skills in electronics and communication engineering domain.
  • To facilitate learning in the core field of electronics and communication engineering so as to integrate technological progression and software & firmware skills to produce high impact, energy efficient and futuristic solutions.
  • To prepare graduates to effectively use modern equipment and programming tools to solve real life multi-disciplinary problems that are technically sound, economically feasible and socially acceptable.
  • To assist and enable individuals acquire skills to imbibe lifelong learning, Related research & innovation so as to have progressive careers as managers or entrepreneurs.
  • To inculcate professional and ethical attitude, team spirit, leadership qualities and effective communication skills in graduates and to make them aware of their social responsibilities.


  • Connect learning from core and disciplinary/interdisciplinary elective courses to assimilate technological advancements in the field for analyzing and designing subsystem processes to arrive at the solution to real world problems.
  • Acquire hardware and software skills pertinent to research and industry practices in the field of electronics & communications while acquiring soft skills like persistence, proper judgment through projects and industrial interactions
  • Ability to identify indigenous processes and components for producing high quality, compact, energy efficient and eco-friendly solutions at affordable prices for existing and new applications directly and indirectly related to electronics & communication industry.
  • focus on acquiring right blend of aptitude and attitude so as to be the candidate of first choice for placements and higher education or to become a successful entrepreneur and a worthy global citizen