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Science and Humanities


The objective of the department of Science and Humanities is to help the students gain a strong foundation for their technical growth.  Apart from the technical foundation, care is also taken to strengthen them in each and every aspect, molding them to be successful people in the ever-growing technical industry.


The department houses well-qualified faculty members who have more than 20 years of experience and are doctorate degree holders.  This entitles them to understand and cater to the intellectual needs of the students.

No faculties available at this point of time


This department nurtures well-equipped labs which consist of physics, chemistry and language labs.  While the physics and chemistry labs act as stepping stones for the technical expertise of the students, the language lab enriches their communication skills and soft skills.  It also enables them to boost their self confidence and develop their personality traits towards the positive side.

Teaching & Non Teaching Staffs

# Faculty Name Qualification Designation View
1 Dr V.Prakash M.Sc., Ph.D., Professor & HOD - Chemsitry View
2 Prof A.Kennedy M.Sc.,M.Phil.(PhD.,) Professor & HOD - Physics View
3 Dr H.B.Thiagaraj M.Sc.,M.Phil.,PhD., Professor & HOD - Maths View
4 Dr J.Sundara Rajan M.A.,M.Phil.M.B.A.,PhD., Professor & HOD - English View
5 Dr N.Krishnamoorthy M.Sc.,M.Phil.,PhD., Asst.Professor - Physics View
6 Prof Prakash T M.Sc.,M.Phil., Asst.Professor - Maths View
7 Prof Kavitha Priya M.Sc., M.Phil., Asst.Professor - Maths View
8 Prof R.Geetha M.Sc.,M.Phil.,M.Ed., Asst.Professor - Maths View
9 Prof J.Dominic Xavier M.Sc.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D)., Asst.Professor - Chemsitry View
10 Prof Pradeev Raj M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., Asst.Professor - Physics View
11 Prof L.R.Krishnamurthy M.Sc.,M.Phil., B.Ed., Asst.Professor - Maths View
12 Prof S.Selvi Chandraghantham M.A.,M.Phil., Asst.Professor - English View
13 Prof Colin Grace Deborah M.Sc.,M.Phil., Asst. Professor View
14 Prof Kalpana B M.Sc.,(M.Phil)., Asst.Professor - Maths View
15 Prof Arthi R M.Sc., B.Ed., Asst.Professor - Chemsitry View
16 Prof A. ponmoni M.Sc.,M.Phil., Asst.Professor - Maths View
17 Prof S. Vani M.A.,M.Phil., Asst.Professor - English View
18 Dr Anne Susan Georgena M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D Asst. Professor View
19 Mrs G.Gnanajothi Mary Sheela M.Sc.,M.Phil., Asst. Professor View
20 Mrs Vimal Priya MSW.,M.Sc.,M.Phil., Pro-Term Lecturer View
# Faculty Name Qualification Designation View
1 Mrs Roseline Annibeasant Rani Lab Assistant View
2 Mr Sunil R B.Sc.,(M.A)., D.C.A., D.C.M., D.L.L., Lab Assistant View
3 Mrs C. Lakshmi Priya B.Com Lab Assistant View